Scan2Docx Document Scanner Software

The document scanner software, which ships with Scan2Docx is extremely intuitive and easy to use. You can scan documents with a simple click on the camera icon, or by using the optional footswitch (sold separately). All necessary functions to scan, archive, copy and print documents are within easy reach in the software’s toolbar.

Scan documents at up to 200 dpi

All scanner functions are available from the main toolbar.

All scanner functions are available from the main toolbar.
Scan2Docx scans an entire letter page at up to 200 dpi.PARA_S2D_Z2_1200_DPI_

The document scanner software, along with Scan2Docx' large depth of field and scan pad, produces perfectly focused and crystal clear results.

Scanned documents with multiple pages can be exported into one single PDF file and opened with Adobe Reader.

The document scanner software supports multiple commonly used file formats, including JPG, TIFF, PNG or BMP.


Scan documents in only 2 seconds

Complex document with multiple columns.The unsharp mask filter sharpens the edges of characters and diagrams.

Traditional flatbed scanners need several seconds or even minutes to scan a letter page. The Scan2Docx document scanner can capture an entire page in only 2 seconds.

You can start the capture process by pressing the software capture button, or by clicking on the optionally available hardware switch with your foot.

The high speed at which documents can be scanned makes the document scanner ideally suited to scanning large quantities of paper, for example, in the incoming mail department of a busy enterprise.


Print to local and network printers

Send documents directly to the printer using Scan2Docx.

The document scanner can be used as a high speed photocopier. All documents in the left-hand panel can be sent to any installed printers. Documents are scanned within 2 seconds and are printed almost immediately.


Convert scans to editable documents using OCR

Complex document with multiple columns.Reconstructed document as a PDF, complete with formatting and layout.

The document scanner uses its integrated OCR functionality to convert scanned images to editable text.

The OCR functionality reconstructs the original documents, preserves document structures and formats, and finally exports the resulting documents to PDF or RTF file formats.

The first screenshot illustrates the scanned document, while the second demonstrates the reconstructed PDF document in Adobe Reader.

The high accuracy with which the document is reconstructed lends itself to archiving invoices, quotations and other important business communications, which are still often exchanged in paper form via snail mail.


Share scans via drag and drop

Drag scanned documents to other desktop applications.

The document scanner software shows thumbnails of the scans in the left-hand pane after documents have been scanned. These scanned images can be moved easily via drag-and-drop to other applications, such as e-mail applications or image processing packages.

Furthermore, the order of pages can be changed as required. By clicking on one or more thumbnail images, you can assemble a document and export it to a PDF, DOC, DOCX or RTF file.


Zoom in and navigate around scans

Zoom in on a document and navigate around, using the mouse.

The document scanner software allow you to zoom in and out on any part of the scanned document, rotate the scans in increments of 90° and navigate around them using your mouse.


Enhance scans with image filters

The document scanner has a number of image enhancement features, which improve the appearance of the scanned image. All filters can be activated and deactivated using the Settings dialog box. The following filters are available:

Left: auto color filter deactivated. Right: auto color filter activated.

Auto color

This filter enhances the currently scanned image, by processing its' colors to create life-like color nuances.

Left: auto contrast filter deactivated. Right: auto contrast filter activated.

Auto contrast

This filter enhances black text on white paper to make it deep black in the scanned image. Conversely, it lightens the background color to bright white.

Left: unsharp mask filter deactivated. Right: unsharp mask filter activated.

Unsharp mask

This filter sharpens the currently scanned image, by emphasizing texture and detail. It does not add new information to the scan, but it enhances the appearance of detail.

Left: horizontal flip filter deactivated. Right: horizontal flip filter activated.

Horizontal flip

This filter reverses the currently scanned image horizontally, that is, from left to right.

Left: vertical flip filter deactivated. Right: vertical flip filter activated.

Vertical flip

This filter reverses the currently scanned image vertically, that is, from top to bottom.


Hands-free operation thanks to footswitch

Scan2Docx scans an entire letter page at up to 200 dpi.

Using the optionally available footswitch (sold separately), you can capture an entire letter page completely hands-free.

Simply click on the capture button with your foot and the document which is currently beneath the document scanner will be scanned immediately. This frees up your hands to hold the object being scanned, for example, to align the paper beneath the document scanner using both hands.

The footswitch speeds up all interactions with the document scanner considerably and is thus often used in departments where a large volume of paper has to be scanned in a short period of time.


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