Scan2Docx - Portable Document Scanner

Scan2Docx is a very fast, portable document scanner to scan letter pages, books, magazines and 3D objects. The system consists of a foldable document scanner and a software application.

Weighing approx. 500 g (1.2 lb), the document scanner can be easily transported and is suited for use in the workplace, at school or at home.

The high-resolution Scan2Docx document scanner is camera-based and very portable. Use it in the workplace, at school or at home. 

High resolution document scanner

The document scanner is fitted with a high resolution 5 megapixel (2592 x 1944 pixels) USB 2.0 camera, which outputs a live video stream at 2 frames per second. This allows documents to be easily positioned under the scanner.

Thanks to the scanner's large depth of field, thick books and folders always remain in focus, while they are being scanned.

Scan page in 2 seconds

An entire letter page can be scanned in only 2 seconds, at a resolution of more than 200 dpi. This is a very powerful feature to quickly scan, for example, entire books, magazines and batches of documents.

A footswitch is available as an optional accessory, which enables the document scanner to be operated hands-free.

Lightweight and highly portable

The document scanner is lightweight, foldable and easily transported. It weighs approximately 500 g (1.2 lb) and fits perfectly into document bags or briefcases. AC power is not required. The document scanner is ready to use as soon as you plug it into your PCs' USB port.

Multi-functional and easy-to-use

The multi-functional document scanner utilizes its built-in OCR software to convert image to editable text. The shipped software reconstructs the original documents, preserves document structures and formats, and exports the resulting documents to PDF or RTF formats.


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