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Our Mission

The Imaging Source believes technology can help you effectively manage documents and boost productivity. As a result, we invest significant time and resources into the development of revolutionary productivity tools and intelligent, yet intuitive products, consisting of hardware and easy-to-use software.

We understands that busy individuals and professionals have trouble in organizing, using and storing different sizes of documents and files. The huge amount of paper piling up clutters their desks. Even worse, it can be very difficult to accurately estimate the space required for the long term archival of documents. To address these concerns, we have developed a camera-based document scanner that ships with intuitive software and powerful OCR capabilities.

The central idea of the Scan2Docx document scanner is to scan paper documents or text and save these images digitally to bitmap or PDF file formats. With its' built-in specialized software, you can edit scans and efficiently find the information you need instead of digging through stacks of paper. Scan2Docx' additional features and functions are an excellent means of effective document management. Most customers consider our document scanner to be an excellent task management tool, which they use to boost their productivity.

What Drives Us

The Imaging Source has been manufacturing products for machine vision applications for more than 25 years. Our industrial machine vision cameras, frame grabbers and video converters have become synonymous with quality and longevity. They are used by customers throughout the world in the fields of production automation, quality assurance, logistics, medicine, science, security and traffic surveillance. Our highly durable cameras are available with USB 3.0, USB 2.0, GigE, 1394b and 1394a interfaces.

PCB inspection with industrial cameras.

Using the experience gained in the above fields, The Imaging Source continues to innovate and develop groundbreaking new technologies. After extensive market research, The Imaging Source found out that the quality and price of document scanners fluctuates dramatically and that expensive document scanners do not necessarily guarantee high speed, high resolution and exceptional quality. As a consequence, The Imaging Source decided to develop and manufacture a high quality document scanner and make it available on the market at a highly affordable price. The resulting product combines a high quality camera, leading edge technology and advanced image processing software.

The Imaging Source has a solution for everyone. From individuals to professionals, or from home and small firms to corporate and multinational enterprises. In a nutshell, our innovative and easy-to-use products are created not only to satisfy customers' needs, but also to enhance many parts of their lives.


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