Ensuring The Page is Bright White and The Text is Deep Black

Blogged by TIS Marketing on January 27, 2013 and tagged with Software, Document Scanner.

A common problem of camera-based document scanners is that the contrast between the foreground and background colors of the scan is very poor, regardless of the lighting conditions. Not only does this look unsightly from an aesthetical point of view, but also if you try to OCR the text, you will get very poor results.

The following scan of a white piece of paper, with black text, illustrates the issue (cropped):

The Scan2Docx document scanner offers an intelligent software solution to this very common problem of camera-based document scanners. To illustrate this function, consider the same scan as above, but this time with the Auto Contrast setting activated:

You can download the original scans here: Auto Contrast deactivated and Auto Contrast activated.

Immediately, you can see a difference:

  • The background of the paper is bright white, instead of gray.
  • The text color is deep black, instead of gray.
  • The characters appear chrisper, with much more contrast to the background color.
  • Dark gray shades and colors remain the same.

Using the Auto Contrast function of the Scan2Docx document scanner, the resultant bitmap image is highly comparable to the output from a traditional desktop flatbed scanner, yet the Scan2Docx document scanner is faster, compacter and, weighing only 500 g /1.2 lb, can be easily transported.


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